Taking your language teaching online: Part 1

20 de March de 2020 at 12:37

Forum discussions in Moodle

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, many of you were already using Moodle with your students. This may have been for providing students with extra resources or for letting them know about assignments in case they missed a class. However, you may not have tapped into the potential of Moodle to allow students to interact with one another and put into practice their language skills. This was natural since communicative activities were already taking place in the classroom. These days, though, as meeting up face to face has become impossible, many of you are looking for ways to replicate that interactivity in an online format. To achieve this, one idea would be to set up a discussion forum in your Moodle classroom. 

Here are 6 simple tips:

Meet a teacher – Part 2

4 de September de 2018 at 15:01

Previously in this blog we met Nelson Pringle who works on our C1 English courses. In this post we’ll meet Sue Mellor. Sue has taught on the UOC since 2005 on our B2.1 level course, also known as IM I. You can find out more about Sue here…

Summer sailing idioms

30 de July de 2018 at 11:21

Plain sailing – Source © Wikimedia commons

It’s holiday time and now is the time to relax, kick back and enjoy some free time in the sun. Is your holiday planning so good that your holiday will be all plain sailing? Plain sailing is an idiom, which means something that is easy and pleasurable with no problems.  The UK has many words and phrases that originate from our naval past. Add to your vocabulary by finding out more in this week’s summer post…

What tribe do you belong to?

13 de November de 2017 at 12:12

Maybe you think you don’t belong to a tribe, but you do. I’ll prove it in this post! You may even find you belong to more than one!

Let me start with the basics and some definitions of urban or modern tribes…

The Person of the Year

14 de December de 2016 at 21:26


December is the month when newspapers and the internet are full of end-of-year quizzes and lists of the top 10 most important or dramatic or surprising events that took place in the previous 11 months. Other end-of-year lists include the most famous people who died in 2016 and of course the top ten songs of the year.

Time Magazine also adds the most influential person of the year to this list and the selection for 2016 is…

With Trivialang, the CIM enters the world of game-based learning

11 de December de 2016 at 22:03


Recently launched, Trivialang is a free mobile app for students of English, French and German, which has been developed by the UOC Centre for Modern Languages in conjunction with Oberta Publishing.

Trivialang is based on the concept of game-based learning. Basically, the idea is that learner motivation, attention and engagement is enhanced through competition, which results in increased retention. This point is especially crucial in the case of language learning. In addition, as it is a mobile-based app, Trivialang allows users to play, practise and learn outside the confines of the classroom. And as the matches are short, it is ideal for short periods of “down time”, such as when players are on the train, underground or bus.