Would you like to practice your spoken English with a native speaker?

30 de May de 2017 at 13:00

We are looking for students of English (at the B1 level) for a language study on the acquisition of English conducted at the Centre d’Idiomes Moderns (by professors Christine Appel, Laia Canals, and Gisela Granena) of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Participation involves completing a series of tests online individually plus performing some oral interaction tasks with a native speaker via Skype (day/time to be agreed, between June and August 2017). This is an excellent opportunity to keep practicing English and to ask any language doubts you may have to a native speaker.

If you are interested, please click the link below, fill out and send this form (in Spanish or Catalan) to englishb1study@gmail.com, and complete the first test.



We will then contact you with further information and we will agree on a day/time to complete the other tests.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact Gisela Granena (englishb1study@gmail.com).

Mein Plan für 2017: vegan leben – pro und contra

24 de April de 2017 at 16:02

Ich bin schon lange Vegetarierin. Seit ich 18 bin. Laut Vebu gibt es in Deutschland ca. 7,8 Millionen Vegetarier (10% der Bevölkerung) und ca. 900 000 Veganer (1,1%). Letztes Jahr habe ich darüber nachgedacht, ein Experiment zu starten: vegan zu leben.

Fünf Tipps fürs Vokabellernen

18 de April de 2017 at 12:47

Vokabellernen ist langweilig, oder?

Michael Riedel "Learning" on Flickr, CC, Att

Michael Riedel “Learning” on Flickr, CC, Att

Naja – vielleicht auch nicht. Vergiss das stundenlange Lernen von langen Wortlisten. Mach es anders! Hier ein paar Tipps:

Meine Lieblings-Life-Hacks

28 de March de 2017 at 11:28



Fragt ihr euch oft, wie man manche Dinge besser machen könnte? Glaubt ihr, dass viele komplizierte Probleme in Wirklichkeit einfache Lösungen haben?

Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig. Viel Spaß! Übrigens, diese Tipps für den Alltag heißen in der Internetsprache „Lifehacks“. Es gibt sehr viele Blogger, die auf ihren Blogs täglich über Lifehacks schreiben. Hier stelle ich euch meine absoluten Lieblings-Lifehacks vor.


The UOC will offer the University of Cambridge’s English examinations to its students

10 de March de 2017 at 10:51

The UOC will offer the University of Cambridge’s English examinations to its students


Students will be able to obtain the universally recognized Cambridge English certificates: Preliminary, First, Advanced and Proficiency.

As from today, the UOC has become a university collaboration centre for Cambridge English Language Assessment, the University of Cambridge’s English assessment department. The UOC’s students will now be able to take the examinations to obtain the Cambridge English certificates at the university centre. The agreement seeks to offer a competitive advantage to university students, as the Cambridge English certificates are recognized by educational centres and companies around the world.

With Trivialang, the CIM enters the world of game-based learning

11 de December de 2016 at 22:03


Recently launched, Trivialang is a free mobile app for students of English, French and German, which has been developed by the UOC Centre for Modern Languages in conjunction with Oberta Publishing.

Trivialang is based on the concept of game-based learning. Basically, the idea is that learner motivation, attention and engagement is enhanced through competition, which results in increased retention. This point is especially crucial in the case of language learning. In addition, as it is a mobile-based app, Trivialang allows users to play, practise and learn outside the confines of the classroom. And as the matches are short, it is ideal for short periods of “down time”, such as when players are on the train, underground or bus.