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Summer English for Work courses

18 de June de 2019 at 14:02

If you’re looking to polish your English skills over the summer, sign up for one of our summer courses in the “English for Work” series: Speaking Skills for WorkWriting Skills for Work, or Presentation Skills for Work. In these one-month, one-credit modules, you’ll get to practice professional English language skills that are useful in the workplace, such as writing business emails, participating in a meeting, talking to clients, delivering a presentation, and many more! These are multi-level courses, but we recommend you have at least a B1 level before signing up to take full advantage of them. The courses start on June 26 and they finish on July 23.

Summer fireworks

14 de June de 2019 at 10:35


Barcelona fireworks. Source @ Wikimedia

Summer solstice is on its way and in Catalonia and Valencia, as well as in other parts of the world, celebrations take place to commemorate the shortest night of the year, or Saint John’s Eve. This festival is always on the night of the 23rdJune and it is celebrated with food and drink. It is also celebrated with fireworks and bonfires and because of this it is also called the ‘Night of Fire’. In honour of this celebration this blog post takes a look at fireworks.


Éloge d’un vilain monsieur

30 de May de 2019 at 22:00

Source: commons.wikimedia

Michel Houellebecq est un écrivain que beaucoup de gens détestent, mais pas moi. D’accord, pour commencer, il a VRAIMENT une sale gueule. Il n’est pas, tout simplement, «pas beau», non. Il est vilain, d’une laideur qui, en plus, semble être le reflet d’une personnalité abjecte et veule (deux adjectifs très chouettes et un peu rétro, qui méritent d’être utilisés plus souvent). C’est bien simple: à côté de lui, Steve Buscemi a l’air d’une âme noble logée dans un corps plutôt sexy. Si vous croyez que j’exagère (comme toujours) regardez

Exam time!

27 de May de 2019 at 8:52

Source @ Wikimedia commons

Exams. Love them or hate them, you just can’t hide from them. Exams are a fact of life and everybody at some point will have to take an exam. In the academic world, May and June are full of exams. Exam stress can be real, so in this post we look at ways to prepare for this big event.


What’s in a name?

22 de May de 2019 at 11:27

Not Archie, but a baby boy called Oliver. Source @ wikimedia commons

If you have been reading the news you will know that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan have just had a baby boy. The UK is very happy about this. There has also been some surprise that his name Archie is not a very ‘royal’ name. Male royal names are usually Charles, Albert or George. But what’s in a name? Quite a lot actually, as we will find out

An alle Bücherwürmer: Die Frankfurter Buchmesse

21 de May de 2019 at 11:09

Moment, Moment! Stopp! Was ist ein Bücherwurm?

Diese Frau denkt wohl: Keine Ahnung! Ich weiß es nicht.

Ich bin ein Bücherwurm! Ich war schon als Kind einer und ich bin es immer noch. Und das ist gut! 🙂

Ihr kennt vielleicht beide Wörter schon (und ihr wisst ja: die deutsche Sprache liebt Komposita aus Substantiven…)

Goethe wonders: “Is that ‘Gyoete’ me?”

18 de May de 2019 at 8:07

Source@Wikimedia commons

This post’s title is the translation of some verses popularly attributed to the writer Ryokuu Satô (1868-1904, “Gyoete towa ore no koto kato Gête ii”). At one time, the name of the great German writer’s name was transcribed in different ways in Japanese, giving rise to the coexistence of a variety of transcriptions. Nowadays, the names of the classic writers have established transcriptions; for example, that of Goethe is ゲーテ (‘Gête’).

Mon Amélie à moi

12 de May de 2019 at 22:00

Mon* Amélie à moi, ce n’est pas Amélie Poulain. Mieux vaut vous le dire tout de suite, même si je risque de vous déplaire: les filles soi-disant candides aux gros yeux de vache, elles m’énervent. Mon Amélie à moi, donc, c’est Amélie Nothomb. J’admets qu’elle a parfois aussi le regard bovin mais, dans son cas, il s’agirait

Le franc, franchement… (Chapitre 3 et grand concours final)

29 de April de 2019 at 23:00

Chose promise, chose due. À la fin du chapitre 2 de cette petite histoire des billets français au XXe siècle, nous nous étions quittés sur ce portrait de Blaise Pascal en état de putréfaction avancée, mais je vous annonçais de nouvelles horreurs presque pires. Vous êtes prêts? On y va!

1972-1980: Scoop exclusif: La célèbre restauratrice de l’Ecce homo de Borja, Cecilia Giménez,

Family Trees

26 de April de 2019 at 14:14

The family tree of Queen Victoria of England. Source @ Wikimedia commons

A very popular activity on the C1 English language course is a spoken activity where students describe a member of their family from the past. Everybody loves talking about family and you don’t need to be a member of the Royal Family to have interesting ancestors.  Here we look at genealogy (the study of family history) and family vocabulary.