Taking your language teaching online: Part 4

30 de March de 2020 at 16:21

Providing feedback and assessing collaborative work

As a follow up to my previous blog post on how to set up collaborative work, here are a few ideas on how to deal with feedback and assessment of collaborative work.

Taking your language teaching online: Part 3

27 de March de 2020 at 12:21

Ideas for group work and collaboration

Many teachers and institutions are struggling to move their entire courses and programs online in an effort to minimize the effects of COVID-19. However, while many teachers think synchronous meetings with their learners using one of the freely available apps to do group video calls (Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Whatsapp, Houseparty, Facetime) is the answer to all their problems, video calls with students might not be very easy. There may be connectivity problems because several people in the same household might be running calls simultaneously relying on the same wifi connection or there might be a shortage of devices to use in the case of young learners. Also, these video calls tend to be very teacher-centered, a teaching approach we moved past a long time ago.

One alternative is to have them engage in collaborative projects. Here are three examples: