Taking your language teaching online: Part 5

3 de April de 2020 at 9:22

Using Padlet to foster interactivity

pixabay free licenceDue to the current confinement situation, you may already be keeping in contact with your learners by offering them materials and activities online. You might be finding that online teaching and learning can be very effective. You might also have begun to see areas that need to be improved. One of those could be motivation. For our learners, it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to sit in front of a screen, work through materials and tasks and then wait for the teacher’s feedback. Learning online can be lonely. It’s therefore important to add social elements into your proposed learning activities. One possibility is to ask learners to create something together. In this post I’ll introduce you to an online tool that allows you to generate a variety of learning activities that can be carried out in pairs or small groups.